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Brightfire Boiler Stove 14kw

14kw overall, 10kw to water, 4kw to room. Complete with external direct air. 540mm wide x 610mm high x 430mm deep.
£950.00 £550.00

Kensal 33 multifuel with low canopy.

Kensal 33 multifuel with low canopy. Woodburning or multi-fuel models and flat top or low canopy versions.
£849.00 £490.00

Kensal 40HB Boiler stove Multifuel

Kensal 40HB Boiler stove Multifuel. Significant heating potential as well as the opportunity to provide hot water and run radiators.
£1,675.00 £850.00

Kensal 60HB Boiler stove Multifuel

Kensal 60HB Boiler stove Multifuel.
£1,945.00 £975.00

Dovre Cream

Dovre 425 Cream enamel multifuel stove.
£1,749.00 £870.00

Brightfire 20kw Boiler Stove

Brightfire 20kw Boiler Stove, Multifuel .
£1,150.00 £750.00